Product Designer (UX/UI)


- Product Manager

Project Overview - In case you are in a rush ⚡️

Choosing the right insurance tends to be an overwhelming experience due to the complexity of the legal jargon and the length of the forms that need to be filled. This negative experience is accentuated by an often-reported feeling of mistrust and information asymmetry.

I joined Datastream to help them redesign their onboarding flow  with a focus on usability and clear communication in order to generate more qualified leads and reduce the time on task for current employees.

What did I do?
- Kick-off workshops involving DataStream CEO, CTO, and product manager to learn more about the industry, the company, and customers.
- Review of the analytics data available that showed how many users stopped during the onboarding process and at which stage.
- User interviews and legacy testing on the "old" onboarding flow
- Created high-fidelity wireframes and a prototype
- Conducted several iterations following tests with user
- Delivered the final pixel-perfect responsive screens for development and created a Design System to help Datastream to ship new features with consistency and speed.

Project outcomes

Finished the flow to get got a quote
during remote tests
Customers’ speed
filling the form

DataStream is shifting the way customers interact with insurance

DataStream makes cyber insurance accessible to all businesses, regardless of company size and cyber threat awareness. Their goal is to help people to choose the right policy for themselves with confidence.

Gaining a deep understanding of customers’ needs and frustrations through User Research

Before jumping into the redesign we ran a series of user tests, which showed us exactly which parts of the flow frustrated people, where they got confused, and what kept them from converting. Here’s what we found:

It was hard for applicants to choose between the different carriers available
Customers were intimidated by the length of the questionnaire
Most of the customers had no idea how much coverage they needed
Past negative experiences with insurance made customers skeptical about the coverage areas
Many of the questions in their existing buy flow used excessively technical language, creating uncertainty in applicants while providing their personal information and resulting in high drop-offs

The form was too loooong

Customers expected to quickly get a quote and didn’t understand why filling such an amount of personal data was necessary. We had to explain that information was needed for DataStream to provide an accurate price estimate and find a creative  way to shorten the time spent by users to fill the questionnaire.

Saving time with instant autofill

When typing their company name, customers get many of the questions answered automatically thanks to a Google API.

Making the form look less time-consuming and reducing uncertainty

We divided the form in steps and added a progress bar, as well as some context for the tasks customers are required to perform.

Increasing customers’ confidence in their decision.

Apart from recommending a coverage amount, we explain the logic behind our suggestions.

Clear carrier comparison

On the "old" onboarding, visitors complained about the lack of choices when it came to carriers. Therefore, we implemented a selection based on their needs.

Auto save

We implemented an auto-sauve link to user business name, so if they need to take a break while filling the form they would not need to restart from scratch.

Scalable Design System for future growth

With the ambition to move into an insurance management dashboard, DataStream needed a solid Design System to scale design operations across channels in a consistent way. This allowed marketers, designers, engineers, to collaborate and produce faster. In addition, we also reduced the cognitive load created when customers were switching from a mobile app experience to a desktop browser experience.