10 facts about me...

Check out the story of how I became a designer and get to know me a bit better. You can also download my resume here
1. ​I am 50% Belgian, 50% Lebanese and I grew up in Luxembourg (on top of that my mum is half Italian and my dad a quarter Cuban) so I could easily be a spy but I rather chose product design.

2. After studying super complicated economic models at the University of Luxembourg, I got into one of the top European Business schools where I majored in entrepreneurship and business consulting with a focus on design thinking.  ​

3. I started my career in consulting helping startups and SMEs with their strategy. However, it was not enough for me so I joined an Eco-innovative start-up, where within 4 years we grew from 0 to 250 B2B clients and won the green startup award!
4. I can do amazing gluten-free pancakes. ​

5. 2019, I joined a super cool product design course at UX studio and got so excited about this field!. It was combining all my interests: strategy, marketing, technology, and of course design. ​

6. I built UX/UI design & research roadmaps for clients across various industries such as Netflix, AREA 120, or the United Nations to make sure we would help them in the best way possible to reach their goals.

7.  I followed a 10 month intense UX/UI Design training during which I've learned a lot about defining personas and user journeys, conducting usability tests and evaluating them. Designed products from wireframes to interactive prototypes (with Axure, InVision, Marvel) as well as pixel-perfect user interfaces (with Figma, Sketch, InVision Studio, Adobe XD) and design systems.​

8. I have been selected to play in Luxembourg national rugby team 7 times (and I survived!)​

9. In my free time I am advising my little sister regarding the strategy of her awesome magazine: JDEED

10. My best friend is a wired-hair dachshund Archibald (but you can call him Archi)